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Welcome to Shattered Oath!

Shattered Oath was formed on Moon Guard on May 10th, 2011, with members from the original Shattered Oath guild (Steamwheedle Cartel server), and friends from Moon Guard and from the Venture Co server.

We are a medium "jack of all trades" guild with involvement in all aspects of WoW.  What this means is that most of us are roleplayers, most of us have an interest in PVE (we run a "softcore" raiding group), and that although not all our members PVP, those who do pride themselves on excellence and strive for success in our frequent scheduled RBG runs.

We organize daily impromptu heroics and BGs along with achievement/RP gear runs. -All- activities are optional. Our players decide what they enjoy, and participate in what appeals to them.

In character, Shattered Oath has developed over the course of Cataclysm from a neutral-aligned mercenary company into an anti-Hellscream rebel faction.  In every way possible we seek to undermine the authority and effectiveness of Hellscream's tyranny.  Loyalists can expect swift, and harsh, treatment by our veteran soldiers who are united in the goal of seeing the Horde strengthened by new leadership.   

Out of character, our members are mature, self-directed players (meaning although we organize many events every week, players can find their own RP or PVE/PVP fun) who want to work together in a friendly guild where they will not be just another anonymous face. Every member counts. We help one another improve in gear and skill, and work together to get achievements and to reach our in-game goals.

Our point of view is that what strengthens one of us, strengthens us all: this goes for cooperating with guildies, as well as with other guilds on the server. Collaborative efforts help to enrich Moon Guard's community as a whole.

We are an "officer-light" guild: we are more a company of equals than a hierarchy. Guild rank progression is not the purpose of this guild. We progress in gear, skill, PVE progression, and PVP ratings (depending on our members' interests).

Above all, Shattered Oath is in the business of improving the WoW experience for its members and the Moon Guard community generally. Cordial interaction with other members is expected along with impeccable sportsmanship in-game (no RP griefing, teabagging/spitting/camping, spam emoting, forum trolling, etc. - regardless of circumstances).

We are proud to be part of the Moon Guard community and we look forward to playing with you!

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